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The best way to discover how to support yourself and baby, postpartum.

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Is it your thyroid?! FREE Webinar

Are you experiencing a combination of symptoms like cold hands and feet, hair loss, dry eyes and skin, fatigue, constipation, mood changes, brain fog, forgetfulness and weight gain? 

It is hard to imagine that all these varied symptoms could be related to the dysfunction of one little gland, but indeed that is possible.  Dysfunction of the thyroid can cause it to be slow and sluggish, which is termed hypothyroidism and has broad impact on weight, libido, memory, bone metabolism, digestion and sugar regulation. The thyroid can also be overactive and “revved up”, which is termed hyperthyroidism and can cause weight loss, anxiety, heart palpitations, racing thoughts, sweating and inability to concentrate. In this webinar, I share the subtle nuances of thyroid function and assessment to support you along your own thyroid journey.

Medical Weight Loss FREE Webinar

While there isn't one magic pill for everyone, there are certainly many options for each person to get started on a weight loss journey.  Dr. Brock will help educate and discuss all the options available at Acacia for medical weight loss. We will look at weight loss medications and injections, popular diets, intermittent fasting protocols and other weight loss options. 

Male Hormone: Testosterone

Learn all about the impact of low testosterone on men.

Managing Menopause

Learn all about menopause symptoms and management.

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